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  • Basic trim includes dusting of ends to provide a clean look

    25 US dollars
  • a cut that provides sharp angles or lines for a finished look

    40 US dollars
  • Dry Styling *shampoo not included

    35 US dollars

  • 55 US dollars
  • Restorative individualized treatment for colored or damaged hair

    65 US dollars
  • Used to add moisture and revitalize the hair from the inside out

    75 US dollars
  • whether Elegance, fun night out on the town or natural we've got you!

    Starting at $45
  • virgin hair from roots to ends or to unrelaxed hair 4 inches or more

    95 US dollars
  • Application to 1-4 inches of new growth

    75 US dollars
  • Heat induced straightening system. Great for textured or thick tresses

    140 US dollars
  • *Gray coverage* for new growth 1-4 inches

    75 US dollars
  • Individualized treatment to promote dimension and depth

    Starting at $90
  • Highlight or low light patterns used to encourage dimension and design

    Starting at $125
  • Weaving or foil techniques to promote a designer look

    Starting at $75
  • Add on, Olaplex to provide ph balance of hair during and after color

    20 US dollars
  • Service designed for natural hair, to create silky bouncy tresses

    65 US dollars
  • *Wash not included* additional charge applicable depending on length

    65 US dollars
  • *Wash not included* includes instructional kit for home maintenance

    110 US dollars
  • *Wash not included. Maintenance for existing dreads. interlocking add$

    75 US dollars
  • *Consultation needed; Hair included but shampoo is not!

    150 US dollars
  • *Consultation required, Hair and shampoo not included.

    150 US dollars
  • Consultation Required. Price varies, hair included, shampoo is not.

    Starting at $75
  • *time and pricing varies based on technique*

    25 US dollars

  • 125 US dollars
  • strip installation

    25 US dollars
  • Brow Mapping technique to ensure balance and beauty.

    45 US dollars
  • *consultation only*

  • *completion time and price based on braids

    55 US dollars
  • Creative Hennah tattoo and artwork designs based on consultation

    25 US dollars

  • 35 US dollars

  • 150 US dollars

  • 180 US dollars

  • 135 US dollars

  • 80 US dollars

  • 175 US dollars
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