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Morgan Child Not Your Ordinary Mom MC Creations Baker Cupcakes Cakes

Freshly Baked Goodness You Can’t Resist

Since 2017 MC Creations, (abbreviation for Morgan Child) has been keeping the amazing people of Milwaukee well-fed and happy with our scrumptious baked goods.

Her original creations and signature products are sure to exceed all of your expectations. Morgan has been a passionate baker since she was was 5 years old and has been in business since she was 10 years old.

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Personalized Creations You’ll Adore

I believe in the value of homemade, crafted, quality baked goods. Not only do they warm the home, but our products will definitely warm the heart. My favorite time of day is when my first batch comes out of the oven and the fresh smell fills the entire house.


At home we value locally grown, fresh ingredients and I add those same principals into my baking. I like to keep it simple and emphasize taste over flash. Your tummy will be happy and I know you will too.

Morgan Child Not Your Ordinary Mom MC Creations Baker Cupcakes Cakes

Order Today

*All orders require a minimum of 48 hour turnaround time and an additional $3 delivery fee for local orders more than 3 miles away.  Specialty options are available upon request and will be quoted based on consultation.

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