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My goal for those attached to this opportunity, especially those Boss Moms juggling careers and families, is to provide support and sisterhood. We will show you that though you may be in business for yourself, you are not in business by yourself. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned entrepreneur, we are here to help you cultivate your dreams into reality.  We will show you step by step how to achieve and foster your dreams and aspirations.


There is no child too young or adult too old to learn that the power of our mindset is what makes our dreams our reality.  Here at N.Y.O.M, we are building people up so that they can go out and build their businesses. Our environment and culture are encouraging, motivational, and educational. But, most of all, we are a community that stands on collaboration that can and will grow strong in WEALTH, HEALTH, FAMILY, and FUN!

I look forward to growing with you.



Your "Network" is your "Net-worth"!

Plug into the Powerhouse

Talk to you soon, Sis!

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Mentorship and coaching are only a few options of support. Becoming an N.Y.O.M gives you access to endless resources and support from a powerhouse network of moms who understand what it's like to be a mom on the move. So plug into the powerhouse for the optimum surge of support power!

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