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Coach Tamara Washington is the mastermind behind Not Your Ordinary Mom LLC (NYOM) and a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of diverse business ownership with a talent for mentorship, and a commitment to personal and professional development.


Coach Tamara is here to guide you to your next level of success! Scroll down to explore what coaching services with Not Your Ordinary Mom is all about or click the button below to learn more about Coach Tamara Washington!


Coaching is About...

  • Health, wealth, family, and fun

  • Taking charge of your time

  • Being held accountable

  • Being more productive

  • Growing through what you go through

  • Pouring into your children

  • Living the life you love!

The results you will see are a reflection of the work you put in!


Malia Beidel

In a time when the world is relentless with Spiritual attacks and lies, now more than ever, it is crucial to pour all the things positive into our kids. N.Y.O.M. speaks to me, as not only a mom but one looking to build entrepreneurship for both me and my children, adding to the community by raising up future Greatness.


NYOM offers support, and tools to equip impressionable young minds with personal growth skills, that will spark confidence for aspiring entrepreneurs to grow into whom God designed them to be, as they move into adulthood. These will be skills they can take into their own communities and in turn, build up others along the way. When we know better, we do better. 🙏🏾 ✝️☝🏽💟

Ciara King

"Coach Tamara Washington from Not Your Ordinary Mom has been an absolute game-changer for my business journey! Her wealth of knowledge and endless resources have supercharged my growth, turning my dreams into a thriving reality. Thanks to her guidance, Beautifully Loc'd has reached new heights, but that's not all! With her support, I've laid the groundwork for other ventures to soar!

Let me tell you, if you're serious about leveling up your business game, personal development,

and tapping into a network that's pure gold, Coach Tamara is THE person to lean on. She's not just a coach; she's a catalyst for success! Don't just take my word for it—dive in, collaborate, and watch your dreams take flight with Coach Tamara Washington by your side. Here's to unstoppable growth and endless possibilities! -

Debra A Bell 

I became apart of Not Your Ordinary Mom’s team, initially from being Coached by Tamara Washington through my home based business, which was also introduced to me by her. 


As a retiree, being able to grow as a business owner to continue to live the life I loved, was important. To be able to reach out to other retirees and now coach them is a bonus! It allows me to show others that are planning on retiring, that there is a life afterwards. 


One of the things I love doing is Traveling. My husband and I are cruisers. 


Coaching At Every Level

Ready To Level Up, Sis?

1. Initiate


  • Identify Entrepreneurial Traits

  • Understand Service VS Product Base

  • Understand Niche

  • Receive NYOMpreneur Certification

2. Navigate


  • Grow through What You Go Through

  • Mindset and Personal Development

  • Gain Peace Amid Chaos

  • Receive NYOMgenuity Certification

3. Dominate


  • Plan and Design Infrastructure

  • Scale The Business

  • S.M.A.R.T. Goal Execution

  • Receive NYOMniscient Certification

or...  Book a Strategy Session

If you're not quite ready to start a program, but would still like some assistance, book a 1 hour Strategy Session and we can get you the assistance you need!

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