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Not Your Ordinary Mom is a Power House Network for like-minded Boss Moms and rising Entrepreneurs. We connect on matters pertaining to Health, Wealth, family and fun while providing endless growth opportunities, personal development, resources and systems that have been tried and proven to create success. Whether a seasoned Entrepreneur or just starting out; you will be connected and inspired!

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Welcome Home NYOM!


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women worldwide by providing a dynamic platform that fosters connection, Collaboration, support and resources. We aim to assist women in achieving a fulfilling life, abundant in health, wealth, family and fun. Through comprehensive coaching we strive to equip women with the essential tools and mindset to overcome obstacles and thrive as MOMpreneurs.

Our vision is to be the cornerstone of a global movement where women are able to attain the

extraordinary life they desire, with confidence. We aspire to cultivate a world where women

can seamlessly access the support and opporunities they need to flurish, inspiring future

generations to build upon a legacy of strength, well-being, and boundless achievement.

Our Vision

Meet Some of Our NYOMs

Meet Some of our NYOMs