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Welcome to our Powerhouse Home
For Boss Moms and Rising Entrepreneurs!

About us

About Us

"My Network is My Net-Worth!"

Not Your Ordinary Mom is a Power House Network for like minded Boss Moms and rising Entrepreneurs.  We connect on matters pertaining to Health, Wealth, family and fun while providing endless growth opportunities, personal development, resources and systems that have been tried and proven to create success. Whether a seasoned Entrepreneur or one just starting out; Here with Not your Ordinary Mom, you will be connected and inspired!


Coach Tamara Washington

 C.E.O and Founder of Not Your Ordinary Mom

"We are built not just to do many things, but to do them well; but we are nothing to anything or anyone if we are not everything to Ourselves. Take care of self first and everything else will follow!"

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Coach Shontina Gladney

 Founder and CEO Entrepreneurs Society

"Whoever said that in life there are no do overs could not have lived a fulfilled life.  Every single day is another opportunity to live your life, on your terms without any regrets.   Today is the day you must promise yourself that you will stop pressing the snooze button on your dreams!!"

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Meet Some of Our Members

Dionne Barnes

 Founder and CEO of Barnes Realty Group

 "So many of us are Not Your Ordinary Mom.  My advice to any mom would be to create streams of residual income because that business model will give you time freedom."

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Debra Bell

CEO of Bells Affordable Travel Agency.

"I took early retirement on June 8, 2018, after working 44 years. I knew that I wanted to travel and see the world with my husband. After hard work, I just want to have fun, travel, and enjoy life!!"

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Dr. Kayla Flores, MD

Family Physician at Advocate   Aurora Health

"Women are historically and perpetually undervalued. So do not sell yourself nor other women short by contributing to that negative and destructive dialogue. Instead let us always remember and embrace the truth that all “BOSS MOMS” are strong, beautiful, brilliant, full of potential, and, with God, unstoppable!"

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Melanie Lambert

  CEO of Hair By Melanie and Savings, tips and Tricks🥰

"While on bed rest, I watched a couponing video and I was so amazed at the savings, I was running out to the stores before I was officially off bed rest. The savings were REALLY amazing!  

Couponing has afforded me with reaching my financial goals, traveling, and savings that I’m now able to help my family, friends, and my community."

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Ciara King

 Founder of Beautifully Loc'd and co-founder of Organized Chaos

"The greatest advice I can offer to other "Mom Bosses", is to stop multitasking. We all are guilty of trying to do too many things at once. From my experience when you start time blocking and work on one thing at a time, you are able to complete tasks faster and more efficiently."

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Shenika  Moss

"Embrace Your A.D.H.D ( All Dreams Have A Destiny)"

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Coach Mickell Daniels

 C.E.O and Founder of Glow 414

"Great and GLOWful day, NYOM’s.

Being a mom is tough enough; now try adding on the titles “Boss” and “Entrepreneur.” What were we thinking? 

I found myself feeling guilty a few years back until recently when I couldn’t be the “soccer” mom you see on t.v. or on the “perfect” mom’s social media page. I felt terrible that I could only make every other kid’s game instead of every game. I felt less of a mom when I couldn’t cook a home cook meal every evening, only some evenings. But the truth of the matter is, I wouldn’t have felt as bad if I was clocking in a 9-5, and that was the reason I couldn’t make every game or cook daily. 

I’m here to tell you IT IS OKAY! As Not Your Ordinary Moms, we may not look like societal norms. What we look like is...having our laptops cranked open while our children run around an amusement park. We look like going to a sporting event and taking a conference call during halftime. We look like telling our children to quiet down before hopping on a zoom call. We are still active and great parents. So my advice to you is to keep kicking a$$! Keep turning heads!! And keep making them wonder how you do it all!! After all, we are NOT your ordinary mom"💪🏽🥰

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Chaunta Sharp

Founder of Kinky Twist Queen's LLC and Ceo C.Sharp Digital Marketing Solutions

I read a quote some time aga that really resonated with me. It said, "She, who believes she can and she who believes she can't are both correct!"

What do you believe?

"Our beliefs are nurtured through mindfulness and practice. If you are mindful of what you practice daily, you can and will do what ever it is that you want to do. My advice is to  always remember that you are the author of your story. Everyone will not always understand your steps, and that is completely ok. People are inspired by the things they never considered, so write your story the way that you believe it should be written and never underestimate the value that lies in being plugged into a powerful network of people."

Wishing all the best for every Boss Mom and Entrepreneur! 💕

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What To Expect

What to Expect


  • Tips and health advice pertinent to N.Y.O.M

  • Holistic exercise and wellness tips

  • Inspirational content

  • The creative, inspired, educational, and visual content

  • Thoroughly- researched, insightful reporting on food, fitness, and fashion

  • Recipes


  • Tips and advice for -N.Y.O.M

  • Make it, save it and invest it!

  • Earning a living while living!

  • Couponing 101( saving in one area allows for more investments in others)


  • Shared activities to be present with your kids

  • Building a young entrepreneur

  • Shared experiences, highlights, and insights into family dynamics


  • Travel

  • Exploration

  • Calendar of events

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