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3-2-1, Happy New Year!

My name is Tammie, formally, Tamara Washington and I am a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur! I am currently the proud owner and operator of three businesses: Options Salon & Spa, LLC for 14 years, TM Options of Travel for 13 years, and my newest endeavor, that is very dear and near to my heart, Not Your Ordinary Mom started just one month ago in November 2020.

To many who know me, and more so for those who don’t, my life may seem to be in total and perpetual chaos. In addition to juggling the responsibilities of keeping multiple businesses thriving, I am taking care of my five children ranging in ages 8-23 years, my 4-year-old grandson, my husband and the newest member of our household, our 9-week-old dog, Coda. But honestly as chaotic as this seems, my family is the very reason behind all that I do! My goal has always been to one day lead a life of financial, time and mind freedom, and to leave a legacy for my family, all while enjoying each day and creating memories throughout the journey.

As cliché as it may sound, I truly believe that we can achieve any and everything that we put our minds to and that our only competition in life is ourselves! I strive to show my children that hard work provides many rewards and that helping others is the ultimate of those rewards! This is the reason for my most recent development of Not Your Ordinary Mom. In the creation of this business, I assisted all my children in turning one of their passions’ in life into an opportunity that will help teach them valuable life skills. They will be able to use their business as experience to put on their resumes and future college applications. But more importantly, they are learning the value of hard work and sowing seeds, as well as learning the power of networking and building relationships.

Not Your Opportunity Mom is an opportunity for all commers who dare to dream. For those boss moms, juggling careers and families, it is a sisterhood. For those beginner entrepreneurs it is a support network and a reminder that although they may be in business for themselves, they are not by themselves. We are here to cultivate ideas into reality through guidance and support; helping those to achieve their dream of owning and running a business. There is no child too young or adult too old, to learn that what is possible in life goes far beyond working to build other people’s dreams. Not Your Ordinary Mom aims to provide an environment that is encouraging, motivational and educational. Welcome to a community that can and will grow strong in wealth, health, family, sisterhood and most of all fun!

I look forward to growing with you,


Not Your Ordinary Mom

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