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My Legacy

My children are my absolute "Why" for all that I do. As a mom, my greatest asset are my children! I pour into them so that they can become change agents for not just themselves but for our community.  The skills they learn now by watching me and working with me, will lend to their college education and open doors and opportunities!

Not Your Ordinary Mom Everydae Entertaintment Daeleon Tammie Washington


Leave your preconceived notions at the door and prepare for something you’ve never experienced. I’m in the business of capturing memories and ...

Morgan Child Not Your Ordinary Mom MC Creations Baker Cupcakes Cakes


Since 2017 MC Creations, (abbreviation for Morgan Child) has been keeping amazing...

MJ Apparel Micheal Tammie Washington Not Your Ordinary Mom Clothing Quotes Inspiration


For a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, stop by M.J Apparel.

Founded in...

Photo of Milan, Coach Tamara Washington's daughter and owner of Dolled Up


Aspiring fashion designer, Milan, has an amazing eye for great style. This is how Dolled Up...

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